Thursday, April 19, 2012

Listen: Forss - “In Paradisum” + “Me Apparo” + Ecclesia App Preview

We talked about Eric Wahlforss, also known as Forss back at the beginning of the month sharing with you his tune “Voca Nomen Tumm.” We got some new info on his upcoming album, which is an an interactive experience, and two new  tracks to listen to. Appropriately for someone who is the co-founder and CTO of SoundCloud, Eric is going about the packaging of his début LP in a manner that reflects the times we live in. It’s reactive, perhaps, more than interactive, but there’s still a chance to use your hands to rotate both the visuals and music, it’s  a bit like picking up a piece of three dimensional art and viewing it from different angles – though with the added element of sound. There is a sense that the two elements are interwoven and equally important helping build an aesthetic that Wahlforss has envisioned.

On the recording side of things Eric has captured the sound of strings, choirs, organs and ambient noise from church concerts which have been cut up into fragments and rearranged into a new unique piece of music.  Recordings of wooden, stone and metal objects help make up the beats and percussion. These key elements create the foundation for the audio side of things and also a link between traditional to modern.

Viennese graphic designer (Leonard Lass) and German computer graphics artist (Marcel Schobel, Untouch) collaborate with Forss  to produce an audiovisual experience that is called  Ecclesia. The project will get its launch across multiple medias with a live show in Berlin an app on iPad and a traditional album. For now, you can hear two more tracks in the form of “In Paradisum” and “Me Apparo” below as well as a short video showcasing the app.

In Paradisum

Me Apparo

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