Sunday, October 14, 2012

Video: Fishing – “Choy Lin”

The cut-out visuals for Fishing’s “Choy Lin” are quite spectacular. For those not familiar the duo hail from that deep green inland sea just 38 nautical miles west of Sydney, known as The Blue Mountains. They produce deep, beat driven ocean-scapes that sweep you far away while keeping your feet firmly tapping something catchy.

Choy Lin” is Fishing’s newest single taken from a 7” vinyl due for release in October on Waaga Records. Which will be followed by the B-side “White Sheet Beach.” For now this is only the appetizer, the main course will be coming early next year in the form of an album.  Directed by the band with a little help from SPOD.

BONUS: Here is some footage of Russ and Doug doing their thing live on Row Boat while floating down the River Thames in England


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