Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Video: FACT TV - Mo' Wax founder James Lavelle's Archived Collection Part’s 1 & 2

Mo’ Wax, was a huge influence when I was growing up and attending high school, the leftfield hip-hop label that brought you artists like DJ Shadow, and originally introduced "those in the know" to fashion brands like A Bathing Ape turns 21 this year. 

To mark the occasion, the label are planning an exhibition titled Urban Archaeology - which will then be turned into a book documenting the Mo’ Wax discography and story (a little more on that and the forthcoming Kickstarter campaign behind it, here). James Lavelle, who co-founded the label in 1992 and would later form UNKLE with Shadow, has an incredible – bordering on mythical, for fans of the label – lock-up used to store his personal collection of records, Mo’ Wax memorabilia and more, and FACT TV, along with DJ Haus of Unknown to the Unknown and various other ventures, went down to check it out.

So far two episodes have aired and as you’d expect, Lavelle has stories for days.  In part one James shares some stories about personal favs in his collection, his days working at West London record store Honest Jon’s, visual collaborations with Will Bankhead and Massive Attack’s 3D and more.

In part two we see James dig through some of the older and rarer material in his collection – DAT tapes and all – and talks about the major influences on the label over the years.

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