Thursday, May 30, 2013

Listen: These New Puritans – “Fields of Reeds” (Full LP Stream)

In the past I have expressed my love for British group These New Puritans and how I feel they are under rated, echoing the sentiment recently when I shareda new track from their forthcoming third LP, Fields Of Reeds.   I've spent the last month with the new record, which is officially due out on June 10th, and as was the case between the first two records the progression is undeniable. The band has stated that they headed into Studio P4 Funkhaus Nalepastraße, in Berlin, with little to no traditional guitar work instead choosing to fully compose orchestral type works. The results are absolutely worth the effort although it is worth noting that at times I miss some of the fantastic drum work that appears on their earlier records

As you may have gathered, Field of Reeds is an unconventional album that is loaded with intricate nuances that ultimately rewards the audience tenfold; An album for those who still listen to full albums from start to finish, an album who's most precious moments don't live in the forefront but rather in the shadows beneath. This is an album for those that have an attention span that goes beyond today’s standard of three minute bursts of pop bliss. I personally enjoy both schools of thought but these types of albums are fewer and far between than they once were and when they are done well like Fields Of Reeds is, it makes you appreciate it all that much more.

Check out the full stream below courtesy of The Guardian and be sure to pick it up via the bands website if you like what you hear.

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