Monday, March 17, 2014

Listen: Liars – “Mess” (Full LP Stream)

I’ve already expressed my affinity for the new Liars record and shared the first single “Mess On A Misson” as well as something “secret” on our most recent Playlist Series; but lucky you! Today we can share the album in it’s entirety via NPR.  Mess is the band's seventh studio and continues down the more electronic  path the trio focused on with their last record, WIXIW. Mute will officially be releasing the record on March 25th.

'Mask Maker'
'Vox Turned DED'
'I'm No Gold'
'Pro Anti Anti'
'Can't Hear Well'
'Mess On A Mission'
'Dress Walker'
'Perpetual Village'
'Left Speaker Blown'

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