Thursday, March 13, 2014

Exclusive: Onomatopoeia Playlist Series: Vol.3 "Mezus"

Spring is in the air as we approach March 20th and is usually the case here in the U.S. people are traveling and trying to enjoy some sun and fun as a harsh winter comes to an end. With that in mind here is the latest volume in the Onomatopoeia Playlist Series for all you to enjoy whether you’re on a plane, train, automobile, ship, bike, skateboard or staying put at an office desk.  Once again the mix includes over three and a half hours of music from the past, present and future spanning a wide range of genera’s alongside a healthy dose of remixes, bootlegs and mashups.

I will not be posting any of the track information here or in the metadata normally attached to the mp3 files. If you would like a copy of the full track list you can contact us via email and we will gladly send it your way. 

Onomatopoeia Playlist Vol. 3 - Mezus
54 Tracks, 3 hours 37 minutes
Art Design Jediak


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