Thursday, December 1, 2011

Video: Amazing Horkey "True Grit" Wood cut

Illustrator Aaron Horkey has some of the best linework out there. Known for his incredibly detailed gigposters and artprints, he recently jumped into the realm of lino-wood cuts translating his movie-themed "True Grit" print into a limited run of 33 boards. Each board took 2 hours to etch and was hand-dyed as seen in the process video below created by Patrick Kawahara. I find it odd that Horkey would splurge and create such an amazing piece to have it tied to a random movie instead of a stand alone art piece, but it is gorgeous none the less.

Final boards are 14-3/4" x 36"... laser-etched number on the back as well as laser cut box for hanging w/out a frame. Sounds like alot of thought went into this one. They are available for $450 this Friday, via MondoTees.

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