Saturday, December 31, 2011

Video: The Boombox Project

I wish I could say that growing up in the 80's boomboxes were all the rage in my hood' but I wasn't that cool nor was my neighborhood and my closest interaction to one was playing with a sweet Transformer named Soundwave.  Upon seeing one first hand I understood peoples obsession with them.  Most were not really that great as far as sound quality goes but they just looked cool. Photographer and boombox collector, Lyle Owerko, created a set of portraits entitled The Boombox Project which showcase 42 different rustic looking "ghetto blasters"..  

These portraits were shown at a gallery show at the Clic Gallery in NYC and released in a book entitled The Boombox Project which features the portraits as well as a number of stylized old school shots of boomboxes in their natural environment. Be sure to check out the portraits on Owerko's website.

film by Paul Stone

NPR interviewed Owerko for a piece on the history of boomboxes you can check out below....

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