Sunday, December 4, 2011

Video: Girl Talk - "Girl Walk” Chapters 1 and 2

Girl Talk has a pretty ambitious video series revolving around his last album All Day called "Girl Walk". It involves three different dancers performing in various places around New York to one of the LP’s 12 tracks. Divided into chapter’s, two video’s will premiere each week with the finally due January 6th 2012 clocking in at 72-minutes in total.  Enjoy the first two chapters and some words on the project from the team below....

“Girl Walk // All Day is a feature-length dance music video and tale of urban exploration that follows three dancers across New York City, they turn the city’s sidewalks, parks and architecture into an evolving stage as they spread their joy of movement.”

“This film is a story about self-discovery and love, and it’s a tale about finding community and vitality in shared public spaces. The idea for the project emerged from our desire to expand the boundaries of the single- track music video, to an epic musical film.” 

Check out the full cast bio HERE.

Chapter 1 “Schools Out"

Girl Walk // All Day: Chapter 1 from Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo.

Chapter 2 “ All Aboard”

Girl Walk // All Day: Chapter 2 from Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo.

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