Thursday, December 29, 2011

Throwback Thursdays: Rock Under The Red Flag- "Birthday Boyz"

For the Final Throwback Thursday of 2011 I went with a real gem… In 2007 Vice tagged along with Brooklyn's Birthday Boyz, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s excellent hardcore band that preceded Liturgy, on an unprecedented tour into the hinterlands of China's underground rock scene, the result is this 30 minute documentary. 

While Bjork and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs graced government-sanctioned summer stages, a small film crew followed the Boyz as they played shows and hung out with local Chinese bands in the shadier venues of Beijing, Shanghai and down the Yangtze to the bustling rock communities of the lesser-known south. The band expected debauchery, train chaos, and plenty of baijiu (Chinese moonshine) but were surprised to come upon a relatively diverse and bourgeoning music scene. Oh yeah, the best part?  The tour wasn't legal; in fact, restrictions were recently put in place to prevent foreign bands from even entering China.

Part 1

Part 2

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