Thursday, December 22, 2011

Throwback Thursdays: The Avalanches - "Record Club Mixes +"

Until The Avalanches drop some new material I’m going to keep revisiting the old so I might as well make it part of this week’s Throwback Thursday right?  If you’re a super fan of the group like me then you might already be part of their record club, a source for all non commercial releases from the Australian collective including rare mix’s, remix’s, DJ set's and B-sides reaching back as far as 1997 and if you aren’t then this is going to be quite a treat! Here are 14 downloads worth of material to dominate your holiday season and beyond or at least until the rumored 2012 release of the groups sophomore lp drops, enjoy…
Thank You Caroline - b side of debut 7" - 1997
Gimix - A Mixtape by Robbie - 2000
A Different Feeling - Carl Craig Paperclip People Remix - 2001
The Avalanches 'Cornerstone' Mix  - A Mix by Robbie (w/Dexter's DMC set 15:20 thru 17:15) - 2001
The Avalanches on XFM 'One Night Stand' Radio Show - Robbie & James de la Cruz – 2001
Since I left You - the Recipe - n/a
Some People - A Mixtape by Robbie - 2005
Brains Mixtape Teazer - Teazer for Unreleased 'Brains' Mixtape - 2005
Soca! Sirens! Brains! - Full Length Brains Mixtape (Robbie Tony & Darren @ Brains) - 2005
Ray of Zdarlight - Wham vs Digitalism Bootleg by Robbie - 2006


  1. Thanks for this. Didn't know how else to find these.

  2. Pleasure, I actually got a lot more, maybe I'll start the blog back up and post some more of them soon.