Thursday, December 8, 2011

Throwback Thursdays: The Weeknd

For the first installment of new segment we are calling “Throwback Thursday’s,”  a source for everything from year’s past, I am happy to be dropping some lost treats from what would eventually become the group known as The Weeknd.  What we have here is some unreleased material from Abel Tesfaye, Abel formally went by the stage name of Kin Kane while in a rap duo who called themselves ‘Bulleez N Nerdz.’ Beyond the rap tracks from Abel we have some tunes from the era when the crooner worked with the production duo of The Noise., enjoy…

The Weeknd - Bulleez N Nerdz - "When The Grip Hits" (feat. Rex B Mental)
The Weeknd - Bulleez N Nerdz - "Krispy" (feat. Rex B Mental) Circa 2007-2008
The Noise - "Cure"

The Noise - "Superhero"

DOWNLOAD: The Noise (The Weeknd) - The Noise EP 

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