Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Video: H∆SHTAG$ Episode 1 - “Don’t Call It AltRnB’” Documentary

In the first episode of a new Red Bull produced series called H∆SHTAG$ we are treated to a short film on the origins and makeup of the new R&B sound that’s emerged in the last several years.  The filmmakers gather some of “indie R&B’s” most well-known artists including Zodiac, Miguel, How To Dress Well, and get a little history on how the genre has grown over the years, and how it has used the Internet to differentiated itself from past forms of mainstream R&B. We also hear directly from the artists how they feel about terms like “PBR&B” and “hipster R&B.” The whole thing is about twelve minutes long and most certainly worth your time if you have any interest what so ever in the genre.

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