Thursday, January 10, 2013

Video: HEALTH Breaks Down Their Score For Max Payne 3

For those of you who have been paying attention I praise the LA noise band HEALTH often, their song “Tears” will be on my best of the year list, which we promise will be posted by the end of week. “Tears” was part of the Max Payne III score which came out this past May via Rockstar Games and the Creators Project just dropped a short documentary about the collaborative process of building the score.  

“Though the story of the game moves linearly, the player has some freedom within its framework, a style of gameplay that demanded accompanying music that could ebb and flow with the various moods and settings. HEALTH’s soundtrack amplifies the intensity of every possible moment within the game. Using their signature style of melodic yet heavy noise, the band created a series of “stems” for every level of the game, each a set of related tracks that flow in and out of one another depending on the action ensuing onscreen while keeping with the dark, raw and emotional aspect that players have come to identify the lead character and series with.”

 In the video below members of the band and of Rockstar Games discus the process in more detail…

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