Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Video: Soundgarden - "By Crooked Steps"

Soundgarden released their latest video today for "By Crooked Steps", the 2nd single off of their new album, King Animal.  The video is directed by former fellow Seattle-scene-ite Dave Grohl and follows his sort of sense of humor and sensibility, having the band ride around on segways and pick on laptop DJ's.  That being said, the joke kinda spurs off and gets old leaving the video feeling kind of dull.  Scenes are filled with overly excited hot-hip "youth" rocking out like it was a Sprite commercial and contains a confusing cameo at the very end by DeadMau5.  I am not sure if there is any connection between DeadMau5 and Soundgarden or if Grohl thinks most people would be able to recognize him (guy whose career is made wearing a giant mask) but it feels very thrown in, as if he was doing a favor for a buddy.  Any EDM or DJ references near Soundgarden starts making me think of the ill-faded and blasphemous Chris Cornell / Timbaland team-ups ... which I have tried to put behind me.

But with my gripes comes a feeling of overall happiness to see Soundgarden not only playing but making good new music and material and seemingly enjoying it.  They are not yelling at each other nor taking themselves too serious and in the end seem to be having a good time.

 Behind the scenes clip...

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