Monday, January 28, 2013

Video: Grizzly Bear – “Gun Shy”

In Grizzly Bear’s latest video director Kris Moyes has the guys  undergoing a series of bodily extractions, their blood, skin, hair, and nails are removed with a wide range of  tools including razor blades, scissors, knives, IV tubes, and more in the Shields track “Gun Shy.”

The band shared a statement from the director on Tumblr.

“The idea came from a question:- if the creative energy of any living organism could be seen, what would it look like? Ed, Daniel, T and Bear demonstrate where their creative energy is located. This is an invitation for a very rare glimpse of what creative energy could look like on a molecular level, if it could be seen.”

So there you have it, this is an experiment for extracting creativity."

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