Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Video: Thom deVita Profile for Tattoo Age Part's 4 & 5

In the final two episodes of the Thom deVita Tattoo Age series we get to explore the neighborhood in which Thom live and worked, the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  We also get to see the types of tattoos Thom did, and what it took to talk someone into getting tattoos that were a little out of the norm. Episode 5 explores the days before people wore gloves while tattooing, to the odd folks that frequented deVita’s store including customers, apprentices and colleagues, finally rapping things up with Thom's current state as an artist.

Featuring interviews from the likes of Ed HardyNick BubashScott HarrisonAngelo ScottoRobert RyanBubba Reeves, photographer John Wyatt and New York artist and historian Clayton Patterson.

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