Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Onomatopoeia's Best Music of 2012

Welcome to Onomatopoeia’s year-end best of 2012. This is our second year of producing a
best of list and we are sticking with the same formula as 2011. What’s that mean to anyone
reading this right now? We have come up with individual lists of 13 rather than one communal
list; we figured one choice per month at twelve months in the year with an extra 13th choice
thrown in for good measure.

For myself 2011 was a mixed bag for music, the merging of underground culture with the commercial trends of the mainstream was very apparent (The Weekend) and if you were into a very specific subset of electronic music, namely dub, it was a great year. But for my money it was honestly the worst year for music in well over a decade and while there were some truly stellar releases some of us here at Onomatopoeia had trouble even coming up with thirteen records that felt worthy of calling out as one of the best in the year. 2012 was a little more varied and exciting for me but as a whole probably belonged to the genre hip hop.

That being said here is what we thought were the best albums of 2012…

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