Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Cells EP” (Chance The Rapper vs. alt-J vs. Goldspot)

Labor day is fast approaching which means summer is ending with a bang of BBQ’s, weddings, and last minute beach time. Labor day also marks the three-year anniversary since I started sharing these remix’s and mashup’s; so all this week leading up the holiday I’m gonna be posting a stockpile of new tunes for ya’ll to enjoy. 

Today’s pick is the Cells EP, consisting of two songs inspired by Chance The Rapper’s “Brain Cells.”  First up is “Cell Blocks” which uses alt-J’s “Breezeblocks” as the backing tune. I created this one back in July and have been sitting, waiting, for the right moment to share it. Track two was created last night by chance (no pun intended,) and uses Gold Spot’s “It’s Getting Old, “ The end result is an indie  themed mashup experience that kind of represents my mood right now. Give them a spin from below or download for later…

/ˈjedˌīak/ - Cell Blocks (Chance The Rapper vs. alt-J)
Chance The Rapper - "Brain Cells” vs. alt-J - "Breezeblocks"
Recorded July 2014 in LIC, NY
153.36 BPM Key Am
Art By Jediak

/ˈjedˌīak/  - Gold Cells (Chance The Rapper vs. Goldspot)
Chance The Rapper - "Brain Cells" vs. Goldspot - "It's Getting Old"        
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
153.48 BPM Key Fm
Design By Jediak

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