Saturday, August 30, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Forever Fearful” (Drake ft. Kanye West & Lil’ Wayne vs. Ian Brown & “Honesty Is The Best Policy” (Future vs. Fossa)

I skipped posting something special yesterday to give myself a breather and work on something new instead. Pretty happy with how these came out although there is nothing worse then spending an entire day making something and then facing a roadblock at the last step; Soundcloud wouldn’t let me upload one of the tracks due to DRM issues with what I imagine must have been the Ian Brown track used. I like to try and keep everything in one place so when I have to stream one random track someplace else, frankly it’s annoying. Whatever the case I figured I’d go with Mixcloud and also create a download link since they don’t offer the option as such.

On that note first up is “Forever Fearful,” which took me a stupid amount of time to get just the way I wanted. Sometimes these things can take an hour or two; sometimes they can take nine or ten. This was one of those painfully long ones.  The music is handled by the aforementioned, Ian Brown by way of his song, “F.E.A.R.,” while the vocals come courtesy of Drake, Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne’s “Forever.”


/ˈjedˌīak/ - Forever Fearful (Drake feat. Kanye West & Lil Wayne vs. Ian Brown)
Drake feat. Kanye West & Lil Wayne – “Forever” vs. Ian Brown –“F.E.A.R.”
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
158.11 BPM Key F#m
Design by Jediak

Next up is something I came up with spontaneously after hearing Fossa’s new tune “Bae.” I figured it be fun to try something out that fit the contemporary landscape after spending so much of my day on the retro based “Forever Fearful.” I’d been sitting on a bunch of Future acapella’s for a while and “Honest” fit the vibe I was looking for nicely.  The irony isn’t lost on me that I only just properly heard the Future track right now for the first time as reference for what I’m writing here!
/ˈjedˌīak/ - Honesty Is The Best Policy (Future vs. Fossa)
Future – “Honest” vs. Fossa –“Bae”
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
140.07 BPM Key Am
Design by Jediak

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