Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Video: Grimes (feat. Blood Diamonds) - "Go"

Grimes has unleashed the video for her new single "Go", a song that she previously announced was originally written for Rihanna. To be honest when this song first popped up about a month ago I wasn’t very excited about it and unfortunately I’m still not. It’s not bad by any means but you can tell it was written with a more mainstream audience in mind and there are already plenty of people doing music exactly like this and arguably better. With that being said let’s see what the album brings us, I still have faith that I will be surprised and excited and you know the video below will at least entertain.

Co-directed by Boucher and her brother Mac under the production alias Roco-Prime, and was inspired by Dante'sInferno

BONUS: Check-out Steve Madden's exclusive look behind the scenes of "Go".

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