Friday, September 19, 2014

Listen: Buck 65 - "NEVERLOVE" (Full LP stream)

Buck 65 has done a solid for his fans out there and shared a stream of his new album NEVERLOVE before its official release on September 30th. The Canadian emcee offers insight into each track providing his thoughts on the process and letting us know who was involved along the way, there is even some talk about the struggles he faced/still faces as result of his divorce some years back which is also the theme of the LP.

Several Anticon alumni help out with production duties and there are some other familiar voices that appear on the project that clearly acts as a therapeutic release for the broken hearted artist. I can say that I’ve seen Buck 65 live many times over the years, albeit most of those times where over a decade ago at this point with the first time being 15 years ago!  I always enjoyed speaking with both Richard and Emily so the whole thing hits home slightly more than I imagine it would if I didn't have a face and voice to put to the stories that are being told and it’s something I truly appreciate.

The record will be available in this form to listen to for about 48 hours so give it a spin from below and go out a buy it on the 30th if you enjoy what you hear.

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