Thursday, September 11, 2014

Listen/Download: Raury - "Indigo Child"

So I’ve been off the grid for a moment enjoying some much needed time away from NYC with good friends in Atlanta. This next share is something I grabbed before heading off to the south which was only too appropriate considering the teenager not only hails from the city but also creates a unique sound that mixes all the elements of his town’s rich gospel, rap, folk, soul, and indie history.

The project contains thirteen songs which eclectically jump around, sometimes falling a little short but often hitting a creative high note. With the release of the tape Raury was instantly signed to a major label, which I guess is great for him if you put much stock into the increasingly archaic practice that is the business of doing music; So I’m sure his star will only continue to rise in the near future as the machine starts to turn its wheels.

You can stream the tape from below and download it if you like what you hear and I also threw up the AndrewDonoho directed video for “God’s Whisper” which some of you have probably seen at this point but will serve as a good intro for those who haven’t.

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