Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Matinée - Celebrating Sunday's With A Live Clip: Alt-J (live on KEXP) & Goat (live at Truckstop Alaska)

Been a long while since we posted a Sunday Matinée so I figured we were about due for one, or in this case two since we’ve been dropping the ball. First up is British group  (pronounced Alt-J) who have been gaining a lot of steam since their début album, An Awesome Wave, came out in the summer, a short and sweet affair packed with many memorable moments of catchy pop, hip-hop beats and a trip-hop atmosphere. The band just won Britain’s coveted Mercury Prize this week so I thought why not post this full performance on Seattle’s KEXP from September.

0:40 - Intro 3:25 - Interlude 1 4:48 - Tessellate 8:16 - Something Good 12:08 - Dissolve Me 16:24 - Fitzpleasure 20:15 - Matilda 24:18 - Interlude 2 25:30 - Breezeblocks 29:32 - Bloodflood 34:25 - Hand-made 37:25 - Taro

Second up is Swedish band Goat, a collective who hail from a small and very remote village called Korpolombolo and play a crazy mix of psychedelic funk, tribal rhythms, kraut rock, prog-rock, and folk they describe as world music because it draws from so many places( as apposed to the usual, limited (Afrocentric) definition of the term.) Like many of the bands that hail from the cold north Goat applies a lot of theatrics and satanic imagery, hence the name of some of the tracks including Goatman, Goathead and Goatlord but unlike a lot of those bands Goat are in no way a metal band. Check em' out doing their thing live at Truckstop Alaska, in Gothenburg from 2012-10-27. 

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