Sunday, April 26, 2015

Exclusive: Onomatopoeia Playlist Series: Vol.6 – “Online Dating"

Wow it’s been six months since I last shared a new playlist, it was October, almost Halloween and the long winter was just about to get started with us. Well It’s late April now and we are starting to hit those much needed sunny days so it only seemed right I buckle down and finish this extended edition to make up for the long gap with something to play on those outdoor adventures and road trips.  Online Dating is what I’m calling Vol.6 in the series and its an eclectic eighty-eight song long mix including five and a half hours of music from the past, present and future, spanning a wide range of genera’s that's sure to have a little something for every internet personality. 

I will not be posting any of the track information here or in the metadata normally attached to the mp3 files. If you would like a copy of the full track list you can contact us via email and we will gladly send it your way. 

Onomatopoeia Playlist Vol. 6 -  Online Dating
88 Tracks, 5 hours 29 minutes
Design: Jediak


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