Friday, June 8, 2012

Video: Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson & Co. in ‘The Dream Team’ Documentary (Preview)

With all the posts on music and art most people don’t know it but I’m a pretty big basketball junkie and hardcore lifelong Bulls fan. Alongside Scraped Knee, a lifelong Knicks fan, we have been talking trash to each other and our respective teams for years. Another little know fact is that  I’m a hardcore Olympics fan, never miss an opening or closing and try and catch as many events as I can, whether it be live or on tv. We don’t post a whole lot of sports oriented stories on Onomatopoeia but now and again something comes up that is fun and note worthy that we like toshare and this is one of those instances.

This summer’s 2012 Games in London will mark the 20th anniversary of the Dream Team the most elite group of professional athletes ever assembled to play together.  Jordan, Bird, Johnson, Ewing, Robinson, Barkley, Pippen, Malone, Stockton, Drexler, Mullen entered into the history books in the summer of 1992 in Barcelona and proceeded to crush everyone by an average of over 40 points.  The NBA-led Dream Team cruised to a gold medal for the United States and for the first time a documentary following the inside and untold stories of the team will be released on June 13th. Simply titled The Dream Team, we will be getting an inside look at the selection process, the on-court battles and trash-talking during practices, and everything else leading up to the Games themselves. The documentary is being presented by Right Guard, and will premiere on NBA TV, check out the preview below which should get you excited if you are a basketball fan in any capacity.

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