Monday, June 11, 2012

Listen: Doc Delay's - "Galactic Gazebo Music" mix

Well whatta ya' know, do my eyes deceive me? Summer is creeping on and we have a new Doc Delay mix to enjoy, the Galactic Gazebo Music mix. Us Onomatopoeians have a nice little appreciation for the Brooklyn based DJ and have been hyping this new release for months... mainly because it was supposed to come out months ago, but who are we to complain? The 3rd in the Galactic series of mixes took over a year and the amount of work that went into it is quite evident.

"I spent a year meticulously amassing source material and slowly pieced the mix together using pro-tools. Working in key, with full fidelity intact was truly the most important concern in these arrangements. Too many mixes I’ve heard lately, my own included, have a rushed feel and transitions based solely in percussion. I wanted the finished product to sound like each element could not be separated from the family of music to which it was grouped. Every song should benefit from the one before it, after it, and over it. The genre of the songs need not matter–simply their sounds together." 

To listen to his previous Galactic mixes check out our previous coverage and be sure to check out Delay's site for more mixes and news on his live DJ gigs. Including releases of individual "loose" & original tracks in the next coming weeks.
  Right-click here to Download (320 kpbs).

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