Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Video: New Teaser for Descendents/ALL documentary, “Filmage’”

Before Blink, before Fall out Boy and before the bastardization of pop punk into what I now refer to as mall punk there was the Descendents and All, the original pop punk band(s) with up tempo songs about nerd heartbreak. It’s truly crazy how many bands starting in the mid 90’s totally hijacked the sound these guys created but never with even a fraction of the humor and intensity that the Descendents and their sister band did. Filmage, the long-in-the-works documentary about Descendents and ALL, has a new preview up on the internet alongside some news that the filmmakers are planning to work the festival circuit with the movie, as well as holding public screenings in cities around the US this year, though the only specific city mentioned so far is Fort Collins, CO. You can read the full update on the film's website, here and watch the preview below…

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