Friday, June 29, 2012

Video: “The Detroit Beautification Project”

The Motor City is becoming a Mecca for art these days, especially street art. With the city being struck especially hard during the economic downturn Detroit now has half the residents  in boasted in 1950. Forty square miles that were once bustling with people and business’ are now vacant, to put it into perspective that’s the size of San Francisco. The Detroit Beautification Project aims to fill those abandoned areas with color and character and this Bankshot directed video shares some of the art, experiences and people involved in it all. With words of wisdom and art from Revok, Pose, Wane, Ces, Risk, Askew, Triston Eaton and many more you’ll get an inside peak into the in’s and out’s of this large scale venture which seems to divide the local community as art often does.

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