Friday, June 1, 2012

Listen: Forss - "Regulus"

Eric Wahlforss, also known as Forss  will be releasing his  début  interactive album, Ecclesia, in just under two weeks. We have been sharing many tracks from the LP over the last several months and as its release draws closer we have another gem for you in the form of “Regulus.”  Choirs and ambient church noises make up the backbone of this one so it fits right at home with everything you may have heard so far and the overall theme of the album. Definitely some moody stuff from co-founder and CTO of SoundCloud.

As a reminder to our readers Eric is going about the packaging of his début LP in a manner that reflects the times we live in. It’s reactive, perhaps, more than interactive, but there’s still a chance to use your hands to rotate both the visuals and music, it’s  a bit like picking up a piece of three dimensional art and viewing it from different angles – though with the added element of sound. There is a sense that the two elements are interwoven and equally important helping build an aesthetic that Wahlforss has envisioned. For more sounds and sights from the project click HERE.

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