Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The VSS Reunite

Finally a reunion I can get excited about! Boulder’s VSS have announced their intention to play a batch of reunion shows in celebration of the release of Nervous Circuits on vinyl and a forthcoming compilation LP that collects their previous 7" material (21:51). "The VSS began in Colorado in January of 1995 before calling it quits in July of 1997. In that time the band relocated to San Francisco, toured the U.S. and Europe/UK, released a series of 7-inch EPs and issued Nervous Circuits, the only proper full length album from the band. The VSS are the pioneers in the underground punk genre having introduced sci-fi keyboards, angular guitars, unusual rhythmic shifts and vocal effects that come together for the bands distinctive sound.  I personally love this band and have praised them in the past, so far no word on dates, cities, etc.

Members of The VSS went on to join bands like The Slaves, Pleasure Forever, Red Sparowes, Rabbits, Year Future and more. They are better than 99% of the punk/hardcore acts that ever existed, past or present, and forgo easy traps like medley and chorus'.

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