Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Go Buy This: Tomokazu Matsuyama’s Snow Globes

Tomokazu Matsuyama’s work is both wild and controlled, figurative, yet abstract, steeped in Japanese iconography – both ancient and contemporary – but also specifically American, cowboys and indians, bucking broncos, and Jackson Pollock. We saw this and thought … let’s make snow globes together. And thus it was born, a unique edition of 30, 8” tall glass and wood snow globes, handmade with acrylics submerged in water, the uniquely Western souvenir as seen through the Japanese born, California bred, New York based, former snowboard professional turned painter and sculptor, Matsuyama.”

Each globe base is signed and numbered by the artist. They go on sale tomorrow (Thursday 2.23.12) at The Standard Shop at The Standard, New York accompanied by a new original painting installed through March 30th. You can also buy one now at

Snow Globes by Tomokazu Matsuyama from The Standard Hotel on Vimeo.

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