Friday, February 3, 2012

Video: 'Breaking Bad" Reinterpreted As A Retro RPG

Here is something fun from the folks at CollegeHumor for all you Breaking Bad fans out there.  What we have is a video game that takes the story of AMC’s  truly excellent drama and turns it into a SNES-style RPG.  I kind of wish this actually existed past concept.
The video begins by offering the "player" a choice between three character classes: 'good' (no characters available) 'evil' (no characters available) and 'morally ambiguous' (the entire regular cast). After choosing everybody's favorite anti-hero, Walter White, the "game" starts with the character being given the news that he has cancer. After being presented with a $90,000 bill. a moral conundrum appears. "What do you want to do?" requests the game, "ask for help? accept fate? or cook meth." After the inevitable choice is made, we're treated to a simplified walkthrough of the show's storyline, featuring spot on retro rendered 16-bit Albuquerquean locales, epic battle scenes, and even a Gale Boetticher mini-game called “Gale Hunt”.

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