Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Video: Gorillaz - "DoYaThing"

Here is the much hyped new video "DoYaThing" by the Gorillaz, starring James Murphy & Andre 3000.  It carries on in the usual Gorillaz style, using the artwork of Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl) this time in 3D.

To be honest, the video is actually kind of boring and the song isn't really integrated into it that well.  That is fine because the song is pretty boring as well.  The 3 sets of musicians attached to this song have been out of the main stage for a bit and it kind of feels like a quicky attempt to jump back in.  I prefer the 2D design and look that Hewlett and the Gorillaz had established but do like the attempt to try something new and envision it in a 3D realistic world.

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