Thursday, February 9, 2012

Video: Ron English - “The Detroit Project An English Family Vacation”

What we have here is a really awesome 20 minuet short from Popaganda, Ebaum’s World and Tott Global entitled, “Detroit Project An English Family Vacation”.
Street art royalty Ron English and his wife Tarssa decide to go on a road trip with the family to Detroit, Tarssa’s hometown and recent Mecca for graffiti, to give their kids Mars and Zephyr a little insight into where they come from. The short is pretty funny starting out at the English family home in New York where we get to know the gang a bit, Ron’s kids are ever reluctant to get involved with dad’s illegal artistic exploits much to Ron’s dismay. The short is split into three parts where a reality show format is used to take you on the journey which offers a fantastic contrast between the suburban normality of Beacon New York to the bombed out inner city abandonment of Detroit’s decaying towns.
Of course it wouldn’t be a normal day of wheat pasting for Ron English without getting arrested and bailed out by his family but the real value of the footage is the father and son moments where Ron and encourages his son Mars to get his hands dirty by break some laws, because that’s what laws are there for after all.  

Part 1: Leaving New York

Part 2:Detroit

Part 3: The Packard Plant

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