Monday, February 20, 2012

Video: Strange Thunder - Evolution of Howlin' Rain

SF-band, Howlin' Rain just released its 5th full length studio album, Russian Wilds (American Recordings) on Valentine's Day.  Since its last album the band guitar monster Isiah Mitchell and began working with Rick Rubin.  Filmmaker Pamela Littky created a short film entitled Strange Thunder which interviews band front man Ethan Miller and looks into how the bands collaboration with Rubin and new album fit into its long history.

Howlin' Rain has always been a lot tamer then some of the members other bands (Earthless, Comets on Fire, etc.) and with album definitely feels more polished and moving toward a very 70's classic rock-Americana sound.  Not 100% on board as I miss the noisey goodness of old, but can't judge until I see the band in its new formation live.  To listen to the new album, check it out here.

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