Thursday, February 23, 2012

Video: "Raiding the Lost Ark" filmumentary

Jamie Benning has been creating what he calls "filmumentaries" which is kind of like a visual directors commentary that runs along a film while the movie is playing.  He splices in notes, deleted scenes, b-roll footage, audio clips (from interviews/radio), photos, mock-up art, basically anything to give the ultimate behind the-scenes experience.  His films are not "official" or sanctioned by the creators but have gotten such as buzz that they have almost been given a pass.  He previously had his films posted in parts on Youtube in parts but they kept getting pulled and due to their popularity he has been able to host them on Vimeo in their full HD glory.

Benning spent years completing filmumentaries for the Star Wars trilogy (Star Wars BeginsBuilding an Empire, & Returning to Jedi) and recently completed Raiding the Lost Ark, a film looking into the first Indiana Jones movie.  All of his films are quite long, usually over 2 hours but well worth the watch if you are true fans.

Currently he is working on Behind Jaws, which is pretty self explanatory but be sure to check out his site to see more on his process and updates on his films.


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