Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The History Of Big League Chew

Collecting Candy has a great story on the history of an American classic, Big League Chew. Although I haven’t picked up a pack for myself since I was a child, the iconic bubble gum is forever ingrained into my psyche. Perhaps it was the unique twist of shredding  the product to mimic chewing tobacco that drew many in or for folks like myself the fantastic Bill Mayer Mad Magazine like character art that graced each pack. Whatever the case Big League Chew’s story is a fascinating one.   
The story of how Big League Chew first came to be is well-known, at least the basics are – it’s written on the back of every new pouch of Big League Chew sold, and it goes like this;
“Sitting in a bullpen one night, Portland Maverick’s left-hander Rob Nelson, and teammate Jim Bouton, the former New York Yankee All-Star, wanted something really different and fun to chew.
So they came up with a great idea – shredded bubble gum in a pouch – and called it Big League Chew.  It soon became an amazing hit with ballplayers everywhere.
That was over 25 Years ago.  Today, more and more professional and amateur players in all sports are turning to Big League Chew, a fun gum that keeps your mouth from getting dry when the game is on the line. “
That’s the highlight-reel version of the colorful origins of Big League Chew that are expanded on in great detail HERE.

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